Referencing TypeScript file includes whole file in output

I have created a new Windows 8 JavaScript Blank app with TypeScript 0.8.1 and Web Essentials installed.

I have added both a file foo.ts and bar.ts to my project.

foo.ts contains only a simple class:

class Foo
{ }

bar.ts contains a reference to foo.ts and a class bar:

/// <reference path="foo.ts" />

class Bar
{ }

The strange thing is that bar.js contains both the Bar and Foo class:

var Foo = (function () {
    function Foo() { }
    return Foo;
var Bar = (function () {
    function Bar() { }
    return Bar;

What is going wrong? I'm working on a larger project with a shared reference.ts file. Suddenly all my ts files are compiled to each javascript file.



I do indeed use the -out parameter to control the compiler's file placements. I've just released the fix to this location for testing:

Please try it out and tell me if it worked. Thanks!


Normally this would only happen if you supplied an --out flag to the compiler:

tsc --out bar.js foo.ts bar.ts

Does this happen on save, or on build? If it happens on save, it is something to do with Web Essentials whereas if it happens on build you should check the source of your project file to see if has an --out flag.


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