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I have checkbox set with Category Subcategorywise...



and checkbox attached to each item. So if I click on checkbox next to Company, then it should automatically mark checkboxes next to Microsoft and Apple checked, like wise if I select Country, it should check the options USA and UK. and there should also be a select all option, which should select all of them.

Is it possible to add checkbox check property using javascript or jquery ?

<input type="checkbox" class="entityCheckboxHeader1" id="entityCheckboxHeader" name="Company">Company
 <input id="modalEntity" class="entity1" type="checkbox" name="CompanySub">Microsoft
 <input id="modalEntity" class="entity2" type="checkbox" name="CompanySub">Apple
 <input type="checkbox" class="entityCheckboxHeader2" id="entityCheckboxHeader" name="Country">Country
 <input id="modalEntity" class="entity3" type="checkbox" name="CountrySub">USA
 <input id="modalEntity" class="entity4" type="checkbox" name="CountrySub">UK



See simple demo here: or simpler:

Please note id should always be unique at all times, rest when you will read the code I have noticed a pattern in your parent and Sub naming hence I took that under account.

please note I also took liberty to switch over your id and class anyhoo code is below :)

Rest hope this helps, :)


    if ($(this).is(':checked')){

    } else {

code from 2nd demo



<input type="checkbox" class="entityCheckboxHeader1" id="entityCheckboxHeader" name="Company">Company
 <input class="modalEntityCompany" id="entity1" type="checkbox" name="CompanySub">Microsoft
 <input class="modalEntity" id="entity2" type="checkbox" name="CompanySub">Apple
<br /> 
<input type="checkbox" class="entityCheckboxHeader2" id="entityCheckboxHeader" name="Country">Country
 <input class="modalEntity" id="entity3" type="checkbox" name="CountrySub">USA
 <input class="modalEntity" id="entity4" type="checkbox" name="CountrySub">UK???

If you can modify your HTML a little, you can come up with a general solution that will work with as many groups as you like (rather than just Country and Company).


<input type="checkbox" class="entityCheckboxHeader" name="Company">Company
<input type="checkbox" name="CompanySub">Microsoft
<input type="checkbox" name="CompanySub">Apple
<input type="checkbox" class="entityCheckboxHeader" name="Country">Country
<input type="checkbox" name="CountrySub">USA
<input type="checkbox" name="CountrySub">UK


    $('.entityCheckboxHeader').click(function() {
        $('[name="''Sub"]').prop('checked', this.checked);

If you're not in a position to modify your HTML then the answer from Tats_innit is a nice, concise solution.

There's a JSFiddle of this solution here:


First of all you should wrap your checkboxes with <label> so that when the label is clicked the checkbox is also toggled (user friendly).

Then i recommend using lists to group your checkboxes. (you can style them with css in any you want).

Something like this:

    <li class="entityCheckboxHeader1" >
        <label><input type="checkbox" id="entityCheckboxHeader1">Company</label>
            <li><label><input id="modalEntity11" class="entity1" type="checkbox" name="company[]">Microsoft</label></li>
            <li><label><input id="modalEntity12" class="entity2" type="checkbox" name="company[]">Apple</label></li>
    <li class="entityCheckboxHeader2">
        <label><input type="checkbox" id="entityCheckboxHeader2">Country</label>
            <li><label><input id="modalEntity21" class="entity3" type="checkbox" name="country[]">USA</label></li>
            <li><label><input id="modalEntity22" class="entity4" type="checkbox" name="country[]">UK?????????????????????????????</label></li>

Now you can use this very simply jquery to fullfill your task:

$("li :checkbox").change(function(){
    $(this).closest("li").find("ul :checkbox").prop("checked", $(this).is(":checked"));


Note that I have changed the names of the fields so that you can read them like this in php a script (post form):

$companies = $_POST['companies']; //Gets the array of values for the checked companies

$countries = $_POST['countries']; //Gets the array of values for the checked companies


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