What needs to be done to make multiple screen support for Javascript happen?

As I was wondering about the multi-monitor/screen support of javascript i found the follwing stackexchange questions relevant for the topic:

Quite a few of the questions and answers revolve around the missing option of handling multiple screens with javascript. Security and technical reasons are named to account for the non-existence of such a feature.

On the other hand a few thousand views show that there is interest in the topic and people have tried work-arounds for many years.

So i second I want to automate that process so as soon as they load the first address, a second window automatically pops up on the second monitor and fullscreens itself. This is internal only and will be expected behaviour. from the webmasters.stackexchange question and i would like to know what needs to be done to get this feature?

E.g. would the HTML standard have to be changed see e.g. question from 2014 on code project - would the browser vendors have to do something? Would there be a need for a Javascript addition to e.g. What information can we access from the client? And what would be the actions to get a solution up and running?

And by the way - if you think this is off-topic how would I have to change my question so that it won't be closed. I am very serious about this - there is a need behind this that I have seen quite a few times already.



Since Version 66 of Chrome it is possible to use the Presentation API There is a W3C Draft for it since 2019-04

The Example at

will work in Chrome 66+ and given an error message

ReferenceError: PresentationRequest is not defined (Your browser may not support this feature.)

for other browsers when clicking presentationRequest.start(). On Chrome 66+ a selection dialog appears

Example in english Example in german

and after picking the desired screen is used in full screen mode.


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