How to cache DWR interface java script files

I noticed that when we use DWR, there are many requests to java-script files from the browser. It appeared that DWR scripts are not being cached by the browser.

The response headers for the repeat downloads looked like:

Date:Tue, 28 Jul 2015 11:27:17 GMT
Keep-Alive:timeout=10, max=498

Notice that in the response headers, there is no Last-Modified header. This is the reason why the browser is reloading the script on every page load.This script is a DWR interface script. When you expose java methods using DWR (through a create tag in the dwr-.xml), DWR creates an interface javascript. This file implements javascript methods which invoke the remote java methods (using DWREngine._execute). The interface script does not change unless the methods exposed in the dwr-.xml are changed and the application is restarted. Hence the script should have been cacheable.

How to add Last-Modified in the response?



I'm surprised that this isn't built into DWR. You could always configure a custom Servlet Filter in your web application. It's fair enough to assume that the script won't change for the lifetime of the ServletContext. Perhaps you could store a timestamp as the webapp starts and have the filter set the Last-Modified header for /dwr/*


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