blackberry webworks access to URL not allowed?

I have completed web-works software setup like "blackberry Web-works" and "blackberry 10 device simulator BB10_3_1.995".

when I launch my application on BlackBerry emulator it keeps showing me Access to (some link) not allowed. I have tried adding to config.xml file

<access origin="*"/>
<access origin="" subdomains="true" />

But the message still keeps showing. The application works on IOS and Android. Any ideas how to fix it?

I have attached screen shot.

enter image description here

First ip error message showing. then after url javascript error message.

enter image description here



I stumbled over this a while ago. Give this a try:

<feature id="">
   <param name="websecurity" value="disable" />

You can add it to the BB10 config.xml in platforms/blackberry10


Good luck!


Add the IP of the server you wish to reach specifically to the access list:

<access origin="" subdomains="true" />

Or, you can turn off websecurity entirely, which is necessary if you are connecting to a lot of different locations that you don't know in advance. That's done with this in your config file (for WebWorks 2.x):

<preference name="WebSecurity" value="disable" />


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