Jasmine expect logic (expect A OR B)

I need to set the test to succeed if one of the two expectations is met:


I expected it to look like this:


Is there anything I missed in the docs or do I have to write my own matcher?



Note: This solution contains syntax for versions prior to Jasmine v2.0. For more information on custom matchers now, see: https://jasmine.github.io/2.0/custom_matcher.html

Matchers.js works with a single 'result modifier' only - not:


jasmine.Spec.prototype.expect = function(actual) {
  var positive = new (this.getMatchersClass_())(this.env, actual, this);
  positive.not = new (this.getMatchersClass_())(this.env, actual, this, true);
  return positive;


jasmine.Matchers = function(env, actual, spec, opt_isNot) {
  this.isNot = opt_isNot || false;
jasmine.Matchers.matcherFn_ = function(matcherName, matcherFunction) {
  return function() {
    if (this.isNot) {
      result = !result;

So it looks like you indeed need to write your own matcher (from within a before or it bloc for correct this). For example:

   toBeAnyOf: function(expecteds) {
      var result = false;
      for (var i = 0, l = expecteds.length; i < l; i++) {
        if (this.actual === expecteds[i]) {
          result = true;
      return result;

Add multiple comparable strings into an array and then compare. Reverse the order of comparison.

expect(["New", "In Progress"]).toContain(Status);

This is an old question, but in case anyone is still looking I have another answer.

How about building the logical OR expression and just expecting that? Like this:

var argIsANumber = !isNaN(mySpy.mostRecentCall.args[0]);
var argIsBooleanFalse = (mySpy.mostRecentCall.args[0] === false);

expect( argIsANumber || argIsBooleanFalse ).toBe(true);

This way, you can explicitly test/expect the OR condition, and you just need to use Jasmine to test for a Boolean match/mismatch. Will work in Jasmine 1 or Jasmine 2 :)


You can take the comparison out of the expect statement to gain full use of comparison operators.

let expectResult = (typeof(await varA) == "number" || typeof(await varA) == "object" );
expect (expectResult).toBe(true);


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