What is the exact equivalent of JS: something.toFixed() in PHP?

If I have a.toFixed(3); in javascript ('a' being equal to 2.4232) what is the exact equivalent command in php to retrieve that? I searched for it but found no proper explanation appended to the answers.



I found that sprintf and number_format both round the number, so i used this:

$number = 2.4232;
$decimals = 3;
$expo = pow(10,$decimals);
$number = intval($number*$expo)/$expo; //  = 2423/100

The exact equivalent command in PHP is function number_format:

number_format($a, 3, '.', ""); // 2.423
  • it rounds the number to the third decimal place
  • it fills with '0' characters if needed to always have three decimal digits

Here is a practical function:

function toFixed($number, $decimals) {
  return number_format($number, $decimals, '.', "");

toFixed($a, 3); // 2.423

Have you tried this:

round(2.4232, 2);

This would give you an answer of 2.42.

More information can be found here: http://php.net/manual/en/function.round.php


A direct equivalent is sprintf('%.03F', $a). This will format the value in question as a number with 3 decimal digits. It will also round if required.


In PHP you can use a function called round.


Here is the translation:

function toFixed($number, $dec_length){
    $pos=strpos($number.'', ".");
        $dec_str=substr($number, $pos+1);
            return $int_str.($dec_length>0?'.':'').substr($dec_str, 0,$dec_length);
            return $number;
        return $number;

//toFixed(1234.678, 0) = 1234
//toFixed(1234.678, 1) = 1234.6
//toFixed(1234.678, 2) = 1234.67
//toFixed(1234.678, 4) = 1234.678

The straight forward solution is to use in php is number_format()

number_format(2.4232, 3);


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