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I am using bootstrap to create my website and I am trying to use a progress bar. What I am trying to do is after I complete a function in PHP (I have 10 functions to do) I advance the progress of the bar by 10%. I believe his is done using java-script but I am unsure on how to do it with bootstrap and my current web searches have not turned up anything I could use. (there are examples of when the page loads progress to 100% but I don't know how these work)

<div class="progress progress-striped active">
    <div class="bar" style="width: 0%;"></div>

This above is my HTML definition of the bootstrap progress bar. I know changing the width changes the percentage of what is filled in but I don't know how to change it after I have completed a function (functions are all in one page ran one after another).

Could someone help? or point me in the right direction?



Prefer using JQuery

$(".bar").css("width", "50%");

or in Javascript

var bars = document.getElementsByClassName("bar");
bars[0].style.width = "50%";

You can change the width of your progress bar like this :

$('.progress-bar').css('width', percentageCompleted + '%');

Just keep repeating this whenever the values of percentageCompleted changes, until that value is 100.

A demo

var $progress = $('.progress');
var $progressBar = $('.progress-bar');
var $alert = $('.alert');

setTimeout(function() {
    $progressBar.css('width', '10%');
    setTimeout(function() {
        $progressBar.css('width', '30%');
        setTimeout(function() {
            $progressBar.css('width', '100%');
            setTimeout(function() {
                $progress.css('display', 'none');
                $alert.css('display', 'block');
            }, 500); // WAIT 5 milliseconds
        }, 2000); // WAIT 2 seconds
    }, 1000); // WAIT 1 seconds
}, 1000); // WAIT 1 second
.progress, .alert {
    margin: 15px;

.alert {
    display: none;
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<div class="progress">
    <div class="progress-bar" role="progressbar" aria-valuenow="60" aria-valuemin="0" aria-valuemax="100" style="width: 0%;"></div>

<div class="alert alert-success" role="alert">Loading completed!</div>

(see also this Fiddle)


If you need to make an animation of progress barr in one step, you can make two lines of code:

$progressBar.animate({width: "100%"}, 100);

see the demo


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