Interactive Javascript console (preferably integrated with Firebug)

I'm looking for a way to have an interactive JIT debugger, preferably integrated with Firebug.

I got the idea from PHPEd, which has an "Immediate" debug tab where you can just type in PHP code and modify objects on the fly. This makes debugging a breeze as you can re-assign variables multiple times, re-execute functions, etc without leaving the program.

Here's what I think would be superb: - set a breakpoint in Firebug - arrive to breakpoint - have an Execute JS tab where one could enter JS code, similar to what I described above

Does anything like this exist already?




You can already do this in Firebug. Just get to a break point, then go to the "console" tab, and type your commands into the command line at the bottom (where there's the ">>>").


If I understand the question correctly, I think can do that already in firebug.

  • Set a breakpoint (or use the debugger keyword)
  • Click the console tab
  • the bottom line allows you to enter a javascript command.
  • if you need more space click the icon that looks like an upside down v in the bottom right part of the browser.

You might also like the JS execute extension.


Actually, Firebug can do this and it's only a matter of a little investigation on their website to find out how to do this best :) Good luck!


Agree with parents that Firebug is the best choice. Another option that requires a good deal of configuration would be Aptana. For folks using the Eclipse IDE, Aptana is a solid editor for Javascript work. The plus with Aptana is that it's tied more to a code editing environment.


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