Intellij Idea warning - “Promise returned is ignored” with aysnc/await

I'm using Express.js in my code with Node.js v7.3. In this I've created a User Router which forwards the requests to my User Controller.

I'm using async/await inside the User Controller to do asynchronous calls. The problem is that IntelliJ gives me a warning saying that

Promise returned from login() is ignored.

The thing is I'm not even returning anything from the login() method.

Here's the code -

UserRouter.js'/login', function (req, res, next) {
    userController.login(req, res); // I get the warning here


exports.login = async function (req, res) {
    try {
        const verifiedUser = await someFunction(req.body.access_code);
        let user = await User.findOrCreateUser(verifiedUser);
    catch (err) {
        res.status(400).send({success: false, error: err});

If I write the same login method using native promises only then I don't get this warning. Am I understanding something wrong here or is IntelliJ at fault?


Thanks to @Stephen, I understand that an async function returns a promise but wouldn't it be better if Intellij identifies that nothing is being returned from the async function and doesn't show that warning because when I chain a .then() after the login() function, it provides an undefined object into the then result. It means if we don't return something from the async function explicitly then undefined is returned?



The thing is I'm not even returning anything from the login() method.

A function declared "async" returns a Promise by definition. See for example

However the IDEA warning is only an inspection. You can press "alt-enter, right" on the warning and change the inspection level to make the warning go away. The inspection is in the "JavaScript -> Probable bugs" category and is named "Result of method call returning a promise is ignored".


The userController.login() function returns a promise, but you're not doing anything with the result from the promise by utilizing its then() function.

For example:

userController.login(req, res).then(() => {
    // Do something after login is successful.

or in the ES2017 syntax:

await userController.login(req, res);

If you don't actually want to do anything there, I guess you can just ignore the warning. The warning is mostly there because not using the then() function on a promise is usually a code smell.


if you are really manic as me and the then() is not required but you need the warning to go away, a possible solution is:


another way to get rid of the warning is defining an empty then():

userController.login(req, res); // <- Get the warning here

userController.login(req, res).then(); // <- No warning


I'm using try{} catch(e){} in NodeJs and found that simply adding Error() to the end of the function fixed the warning.

Full code:-

someArray.forEach(async (arrayValue) => {
    try {
        const prodData = await myAsyncFunc(arrayValue);
    } catch(e) {
        console.error(`Error: ${e}`);
}, Error());


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