jQuery UI TypeError: e.widget.extend is not a function

I have updated my jQuery files including jQUery UI to use the tooltip feature.

But now Javascript is dieing with the following error:

TypeError: e.widget.extend is not a function

Can anyone help me?



jQuery Ui was included twice (second time hidden because of another bug) problem solved


I was getting the similar error for tag-it.min.js

b.widget is not a function tag-it.min.js

When I check, found my files were loading in this case

<script src="/scripts/tag-it.min.js">
<script src="/scripts/jquery-ui-1.11.1.js">

Just reverse the order and it is fixed

Might be it can help someone


I had to add wp_deregister_script( 'jquery-ui-widget' ); to admin-footer.php for an exception for widgets.php file only.


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