Is it possible to determine if a GeoJSON point is inside a GeoJSON polygon using JavasScript?

Is it possible to determine whether a GeoJSON point at a given lat,lon lies within a given GeoJSON polygon using only JavaScript (either through d3, topojson, or any other way)?

For example, I can draw a map showing countries in the UK based on the tutorial here.

I then have a some points which have coordinates but no indication as to which country they lie within.

I would like to display a total point count for each country.

Can I work out which country contains each point in the browser, or do I need to preprocess my point data on the server using PostGIS or similar?



Seems like d3 has you covered:

d3.geoContains(object, point)

Returns true if and only if the specified GeoJSON object contains the specified point, or false if the object does not contain the point. The point must be specified as a two-element array [longitude, latitude] in degrees. For Point and MultiPoint geometries, an exact test is used; for a Sphere, true is always returned; for other geometries, an epsilon threshold is applied.


Expanding the @thedude answer's you can also use geojson-lookup if you need to do this check more than once on a given GeoJSON.


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