Is there a way IE 11 can show the inside of a object like chrome ? Maybe a plugin?

In chrome when the Front End people do a Console.Log of an object I can see the whole tree. With IE I only see the word [Object]. Any work around so I can see the tree in IE 11 ?



To display an inspectable JavaScript object, send it to the console using console.dir().

Example: console.dir(obj);


Console.Log is, in my experience, just used to print text to the web console. In IE11, if you pull up the Developer Tools -> Console, and type the name of the object you want to investigate (either a global object or a function's objects when in debug mode) it will allow you to expand the object's tree, just like if you added it to a Watch in debug mode.

> document


|> [object HTMLDocument {_html5shif: 1, activeElement:...}]

If you click the arrow, it expands and shows the full tree.


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