Group array items based on variable javascript

I have an array that is created dynamic from an xml document looking something like this:

myArray[0] = [1,The Melting Pot,A]
myArray[1] = [5,Mama's MexicanKitchen,C]
myArray[2] = [6,Wingdome,D]
myArray[3] = [7,Piroshky Piroshky,D]
myArray[4] = [4,Crab Pot,F]
myArray[5] = [2,Ipanema Grill,G]
myArray[6] = [0,Pan Africa Market,Z]

This array is created within a for loop and could contain whatever based on the xml document

What I need to accomplish is grouping the items from this array based on the letters so that all array objects that have the letter A in them get stored in another array as this

other['A'] = ['item 1', 'item 2', 'item 3'];
other['B'] = ['item 4', 'item 5'];
other['C'] = ['item 6'];

To clarify I need to sort out items based on variables from within the array, in this case the letters so that all array objects containing the letter A goes under the new array by letter

Thanks for any help!



You shouldn't use arrays with non-integer indexes. Your other variable should be a plain object rather than an array. (It does work with arrays, but it's not the best option.)

// assume myArray is already declared and populated as per the question

var other = {},

for (i=0; i < myArray.length; i++) {
   letter = myArray[i][2];
   // if other doesn't already have a property for the current letter
   // create it and assign it to a new empty array
   if (!(letter in other))
      other[letter] = [];


Given an item in myArray [1,"The Melting Pot","A"], your example doesn't make it clear whether you want to store that whole thing in other or just the string field in the second array position - your example output only has strings but they don't match your strings in myArray. My code originally stored just the string part by saying other[letter].push(myArray[i][1]);, but some anonymous person has edited my post to change it to other[letter].push(myArray[i]); which stores all of [1,"The Melting Pot","A"]. Up to you to figure out what you want to do there, I've given you the basic code you need.


Try groupBy function offered by

_.groupBy([1.3, 2.1, 2.4], function(num){ return Math.floor(num); });

Result => {1: [1.3], 2: [2.1, 2.4]}

You have to create an empty JavaScript object and assign an array to it for each letter.

var object = {};

for ( var x = 0; x < myArray.length; x++ )
    var letter = myArray[x][2];

    // create array for this letter if it doesn't exist
    if ( ! object[letter] )
        object[letter] = [];

    object[ myArray[x][2] ].push[ myArray[x] ];

Demo fiddle here.


This code will work for your example.

var other = Object.create(null),  // you can safely use in opeator.

for (i = 0, max = myArray.length; i < max; i += 1) {
   item = myArray[i];
   letter = myArray[2];

   // If the letter does not exist in the other dict,
   // create its items list
   other[letter] = other[letter] || [];

Good ol' ES5 Array Extras are great.

var other = {};
myArray.forEach(function(n, i, ary){
    other[n[2]] = n.slice(0,2);

Try -

var myArray = new Array();
myArray[0] = [1,"The Melting Pot,A,3,Sake House","B"];
myArray[1] = [5,"Mama's MexicanKitchen","C"];
myArray[2] = [6,"Wingdome","D"];
myArray[3] = [7,"Piroshky Piroshky","D"];
myArray[4] = [4,"Crab Pot","F"];
myArray[5] = [2,"Ipanema Grill","G"];
myArray[6] = [0,"Pan Africa Market","Z"];

var map = new Object();
for(i =0 ; i < myArray.length; i++){
    var key = myArray[i][2];
       var array = new Array();        
        map[key] = array;



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