JQuery Mobile Detected if there's internet Connection

What is the best way to detect if there's internet connection or not on my mobile via my web app?



There's no code necessary for this -- it's part of the HTML5 API. Check the value of window.navigator.onLine -- it will be false if the user is offline.



An option might be changing the Ajax settings to add a specific timeout, then add an error handler that looks for a textStatus (second argument) of 'timeout'.

When a timeout occurs, either internet connectivity is spotty or your site is down.

Using ajaxSetup to set option defaults for all requests:

    timeout: 1, // Microseconds, for the laughs.  Guaranteed timeout.
    error: function(request, status, maybe_an_exception_object) {
        if(status != 'timeout')
            alert("YOU BROKE IT");
            alert("OH NOES TEH INTARWEBS ARE DOWN!!!!!1one");

in simple JS code this can done, causation all featured devices not have JS supported however for web-based application this is very minimum code to use

online = window.navigator.onLine;
if (navigator.onLine) {
  alert('you are online');
} else {
  alert('you are offline');

if you want to check every X seconds the connection.

        $(document).ready(function() {
                var isOnline = navigator.onLine;
                if (isOnline) {
                else {
                    console.log("Not Connected");
            }, 30000); // 10000 = 10 seconds, check for connection every 30 seconds

If you want something with more compatibility, reliability and customisability than window.navigator.onLine, try my jQuery plugin: http://tomriley.net/blog/archives/111


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