How to show an alert after reloading the page in JavaScript?

I am trying to make alert box after page reloaded, but it doesn't work.
Please correct my code and tell me why?

    alert("Hello world");



You can use sessionStorage:

$( "button" ).click( function () {
        sessionStorage.reloadAfterPageLoad = true;

$( function () {
        if ( sessionStorage.reloadAfterPageLoad ) {
            alert( "Hello world" );
            sessionStorage.reloadAfterPageLoad = false;

That's called onload. It came waaaaay before DOM ready was around, and DOM ready was actually created for the exact reason that onload waited on images.

window.onload = function () { 
    alert("It's loaded!");
    //dom not only ready, but everything is loaded

And a jQuery Javascript solution is to bind the window.onload event in document.ready().

$(window).bind("load", function() {
   // code here

Some dirty method of doing it with ?reload string in link href like request.GET in php

<a class="button" href="?reload/">reload and alert</a>
<script type="text/javascript">         
    args =;
    if (args=='reload/')alert('page reloaded');  

Step 1 : Write your own function for alert popup with ok button (i have created parameterized function which accept message, alert type, method name.

function AlertMessageOk(str, alertType, method)

     $('#AlertMessage .divDialogElements').empty();

     $('#AlertMessage .divDialogElements').append(msg);

     if (alertType == "success") {
         $('#AlertMessage #modalAlertHeaderTitle').html("Success");
         $('#AlertMessage #modalAlertHeaderTypeClass').attr("class", "modal-header alert-success");
     else if (alertType == "error") {
         $('#AlertMessage #modalAlertHeaderTitle').html("Error");
         $('#AlertMessage #modalAlertHeaderTypeClass').attr("class", "modal-header alert-danger");
     else if (alertType == "info") {
         $('#AlertMessage #modalAlertHeaderTitle').html("Status");
         $('#AlertMessage #modalAlertHeaderTypeClass').attr("class", "modal-header alert-info");
     else if (alertType == "warning") {
         $('#AlertMessage #modalAlertHeaderTitle').html("Warning");
         $('#AlertMessage #modalAlertHeaderTypeClass').attr("class", "modal-header alert-warning");

     $('#AlertMessage #btnAlertOk').attr("onclick", method);


Step 2: On your ajax response.result == true call to AlertMessageOk function. I have passed method name to reload page.

function buttonActivate_onClick(storeID) {

         type: "POST",
         url: "/configuration/activateStore",
         timeout: 180000,
         data: { StoreID: storeID },
         success: function (response) {
             if (response.result == true) {
                 AlertMessageOk("Store configuration for Store ID " + storeID + " is successfully activated.", "success", "reloadPage();");
         error: function (xhr, textstatus) {
             AlertMessage("Error:   " + xhr.statusText + "  [" + xhr.status + "]", "error");

     $('#wait_load').css("display", "none");

 function reloadPage() {

Hui, a old post. But i´m looking too for a solution to add a script after reload when click a order save button in woocommerce admin order. I think it is a great way to use the sessionStorage and not some hooks. Thanks to Akhil for open the eyes. Maybe some one looking too:

jQuery('.button.save_order.button-primary').click(function() {



jQuery( function () {
        if ( sessionStorage.getItem('save_order') ) {
                alert( "Hello world" );


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