Google Interactive Doodle

Does anybody know how the Google Interactive Doodles for Olympics work.

I find that the Div is hplogo and the style is right above it, like:


I can't figure out how the score is calculated; How the objects are moved, etc. Is it a readable JS file? Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, A fellow developer



Some doodles use Canvas for showing the animations. Different frames, taken from a loaded image are drawn using a timer in javascript.

Some use CSS property background-image. CSS propertybackground-position is changed using a javascript timer to create animation.

Animations are made interactive using more javascript.



Do you know how to view the page source code with a debugger? In Google Chrome, just hit F12. Open up the debugger and you can see the files. You will notice a JavaScript file. You can make it more readable by cleaning it up, but it will be compressed variable names.


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