Searching for a Lazy Loading jQuery Slideshow or: hacking cross-slide

I am trying to get a jquery slideshow to display images from flickr, fading and scrolling. Everything works fine, except I really need Lazy Loading of the images (just loading the images on demand).

I am currently using jquery.cross-slide ( ) but unfortunately tobia is not working on the plugin anymore and also does not want to answer to questions.

I found an example of jquery.cycle, where image lazy loading is applied (see ) is there any chance of hacking this feature into the source of cross-slide or is it not possible due to the architecture of the plugin? see the code here:



For others looking for a slideshow that "lazyloads" images, here are 2 options:


try jcarousel, it's lovley (lazyloading possible ..)


I know this was posted 2 years ago, but jcarouFredSel would work:


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