Babel ignore several directories

I'm currently running Babel with a simple command :

$ babel . --ignore node_modules --out-dir dist

But I can't find a way to ignore several directories (node_modules, test), I tried a lot of things, including (in .babelrc):

  "ignore": "node_modules"
  "ignore": "/node_modules/"
  "ignore": "node_modules/**"
  "ignore": ["node_modules"]

Which doesn't work at all (node_modules are transpiled). Isn't there a simple way to achieve this (with Babel 6)?



You should be able to use commas in the cli

babel . --ignore node_modules,test --out-dir dist


You can ignore multiple directories and specify a globbing pattern within the .babelrc file like this

    "ignore": [



With Babel 7 you need to use a glob pattern:

babel . --ignore */node_modules,*/test --out-dir dist

Note that there's a known bug in babel, where it ignores only and ignore in .babelrc.

The relevant bug is T6726, which has been fixed in babel 6.14.0.


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