Page not reloading via 'back' when using pushState() / onpopstate

I am refreshing some pages with AJAX and so an updating the history with the following code -

/** Update the page history */
var pushState_object = {
    ajax_string: ajax_string,
    security: security,
window.history.pushState(pushState_object, title, permalink);

I am then calling this onPopState function on page load -

window.onpopstate = function(e){
    if(window.history.state !== null){
        initiate_load_updated_page(window.history.state.ajax_string,, 0)

I am having a slight problem though using the back button when going from a page where the content was generated through AJAX to a page that was loaded in the usual way. The URL will change, but the page will not reload. Clicking back again takes me to the page before, as I would expect, and then going forward works fine - it is just that one situation where the back button does not work.

Any suggestions here would be appreciated.



The initial state does not have a .state property available, because you didn't use .pushState to add such data (it was loaded the normal way as you describe).

What you do know though, is that if there is no .state, it must be the original state, so you can use an else block like this:

Lastly, you can use e.state.

window.onpopstate = function(e){
    if(e.state !== null) { // state data available
        // load the page using state data
        initiate_load_updated_page(e.state.ajax_string,, 0);

    } else { // no state data available
        // load initial page which was there at first page load


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