Programmatically select text in UIWebView

I'm asking this question after 2 days of research. I've read all the related questions and answers in stackoverflow and google (including this question, which is very similar but without an answer) and still couldn't find a solution. Hopefully someone here will be able to help.

I have a UIWebView with some text loaded into it. I want to select part of the text programmatically, as if the user long-pressed on it.

I've tried executing this javascript code as a response to a click:

function selectEl(x,y)
    document.designMode = "on";
    var el = document.elementFromPoint(x, y);
    var range = document.createRange();
    var sel = document.getSelection();
    document.designMode = "off";

I've tried it with and without changing designMode to "off" at the end of the function. I know this code "selects" the correct element, because if I perform this command

document.execCommand("BackColor", false, "#ffffcc");

it actually highlights the element I clicked on, but it doesn't cause a selection of the text. Any ideas on how to achieve this?



This seems to be a bug in Mobile Safari. When I toggle contentEditable to true in touchstart and set it to false in touchend it works. If I remove those lines and refresh it still works. If I close Mobile Safari, clear the cache, and then re-open the document with the lines removed it stops working again.

I've updated the code below with a working version (although I removed the long-press for simplicity).

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script type="text/javascript">

(function() {
    var node,

    document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
        document.body.addEventListener("touchstart", function(event) {
            var selection = window.getSelection();

            clientX = event.touches[0].clientX;
            clientY = event.touches[0].clientY;

            range = document.caretRangeFromPoint(clientX, clientY);
            node = range.startContainer;
            offset = range.startOffset;

            document.body.contentEditable = "true";
        document.body.addEventListener("touchmove", function(event) {
            var selection = window.getSelection(),
                range = document.caretRangeFromPoint(event.touches[0].clientX, event.touches[0].clientY),
                newRange = document.createRange();

            if(clientY < event.touches[0].clientY) {
                newRange.setStart(node, offset);
                newRange.setEnd(range.startContainer, range.startOffset);
            else {
                newRange.setStart(range.startContainer, range.startOffset);
                newRange.setEnd(node, offset);


        document.body.addEventListener("touchend", function(event) {
            document.body.contentEditable = "false";
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Just a thought: Make sure you are NOT using anything like this in your css:

* {
  -webkit-touch-callout: none;
   -webkit-user-select: none;
   user-select: none;

This prevents any text selections.


I came across this: = "highlight"; = "highlighttext";

Or, THIS SITE Has written some HORRIBLE scripting but it may help you :) It works with ranges.


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