Angular routes contain #! in the url instead of # [duplicate]

Recently I have noticed that when using ngRoute module in an AngularJS app, the route contains #! in the URL, which was earlier just the #.

For example, becomes!/login

I have to enable the html5Mode and also disable the requireBase which removes the base as a whole using the code,

       enabled: true,
       requireBase: false

and the URL changes to which works fine but is misleading and is not what Angular SPA URLs look like.

If I do not enable the html5Mode, the URL is encoded and I cannot get around it. So becomes!/#%2Flogin (Notice the later / is encoded as %2F).

Is this a change implemented by the developers for some specific purpose? What difference does it make? What changes do I need to make to my app to keep it working? Am I doing something wrong?

Github issue:



It's called the hash bang.

For a while Twitter was using the same thing. It allows for AJAX calls and let search engines know your path without using a "real" path. It's considered obsolete though.

There is another stackoverflow answer about that:

Doing links like Twitter, Hash-Bang #! URL's


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