Is it possible to overwrite window.location function with a custom function?

Is it possible to disable, or even better, replace with a custom function, window.location?

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While it works quite well for window.alert, this does not work for window.location.

We would love to be able to find a way to replace or disable (replace would be ideal, so we can AJAX log) window.location... Dirty advertisers have at times before used this to steal people away from our web properties.

Any ideas?

Even something that only works on a few specific browsers would be fine as once caught (via AJAX logging) we can act on this fairly quickly.



I don't believe you can reassign window.location. From MDN:


Returns a Location object, which contains information about the URL of the document and provides methods for changing that URL. You can also assign to this property to load another URL.

As it takes a value like a property, how would you "reassign" the object/function to another value? I don't think it's possible due to the property behavior.


try this

var _window = {
       location: "myLocation"

(function (window) {


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