How can I test the user's computer's processing power using Javascript?

I made a pretty CPU intensive webpage with lots of CSS3 and Javascript. I want to use Javascript to test if the user's computer is capable of handling the scripts. I think a possible method is to run some CPU intensive scripts and see how long it took. However, I don't know how to actually implement this.

Here's the webpage: (3D cube only viewable in webkit browsers).



You can profile how long it takes to render a frame or a couple of frames that should give you and idea of what fps would be on the client.

var StartTime = new Date().getTime();
BenchMarkTestFunction(); // render frame for example
var EndTime = new Date().getTime();
var ElapsedMilliseconds = EndTime - StartTime;

var AcceptableTime = 1000; // one second
var IsGoodPerformance = ElapsedMilliseconds < AcceptableTime; // some number being acceptable performace

if(!IsGoodPerformance) {
  alert("Sorry your browser is not good enough to run this site - go somewhere else");

You can determine what the AcceptableTime should be by testing your site on different browsers/devices and seeing how it performs and what the value for ElapsedMilliseconds was.


Barring setting localstorage to run a script (essentially hacking a user's machine --please don't do this), I don't believe you can do anything except find the OS and architecture. I feel as if I've seen this in flash, but strictly js will not find the speed. I agree with Scott. If your potential users could have issues, redesign. Otherwise, my i5 was entirely happy with the site. Good luck!


There are ways to assess the CPU or graphics capabilities of the host computer using javascript. For example, you could run a set of iterations using those operations and measure the time from beginning to end.

In general, it's not that useful to just try to measure a single CPU performance number as it's much more important to measure exactly what your critical operations are.

For example, if you're concerned with a certain type of graphics rendering, you can do a sample animation and see how many frames can be rendered in a particular time.


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