how to bind key combination ctrl+x+return in jquery

Is there any way to catch key combination ctrl+x+return in jquery(or javascript), such that if user presses this key combination, a function is called. I tried using the jquery hotkeys plugin, but that didn't worked.



Use a global boolean array var keys = [] to check whether a key is pressed. Then use the following function to add a global hotkey:

window.addGlobalHotkey = function(callback,keyValues){
    if(typeof keyValues === "number")
        keyValues = [keyValues];

    var fnc = function(cb,val){
        return function(e){
            keys[e.keyCode] = true;
    return fnc;

As you can see it adds a new listener to the 'keydown' event. This listener will first set the corresponding value in keys true and then execute a test, whether the given keyValues are currently true. Note that you cannot remove keys[e.keyCode] = true and put it in another listener because this could result in a wrong callback order (first hotkey testing, then key mapping). The executeHotkeyTest itself is very easy too:

window.executeHotkeyTest = function(callback,keyValues){
    var allKeysValid = true;

    for(var i = 0; i < keyValues.length; ++i)
        allKeysValid = allKeysValid && keys[keyValues[i]];


At last you have to add another listener to keyup to clean the released keys from keys.

    keys[e.keyCode] = false;

Now you can add a hotkey to ctrl+x+enter by using addGlobalHotkey(callback,[13,17,88]):

            document.createTextNode('Ctrl + x + Enter down')

JSFiddle demo

Instead of adding a listener for every hotkey you can use a global [[callback1,values1],[callback2,values2],...] array.

Important note: in IE prior version 9 you have to use attachEvent instead of addEventListener. Since you're already using jQuery you could use .on(...) or .keydown instead.


You may find using KeyboardJS to be a better solution. Its dam simple to use. Here are docs;

KeyboardJS.on('ctrl + x + enter', function() {
    //do stuff on press
}, function() {
    //do stuff on release

Also, if you want to force pressing ctrl before x or enter you can do this instead

KeyboardJS.on('ctrl > x + enter', function() {
    //do stuff on press
}, function() {
    //do stuff on release


You can use the ctrlKey property of the key press event object

$(document).keypress(function(e) {
    if(e.ctrlKey) {
        // do code to test other keys

Also shift, alt reserved keys have properties, but the enter key has keyCode 13.

Is there any reason you can't to try a different combination - e.g. ctrl-alt-x? Enter key is usually reserved for triggering form submits and other events on a web page.


function keyDown(e){
    if((e.ctrlKey)&&(e.keyCode == 88)&&(e.keyCode == 13)){
        alert("Keys down are Ctrl + x + Return");

simply just type like this:

    document.getElementById('yourelementid').onkeydown = function(){
       if(event.ctrlKey===true && event.keyCode==88){
           //your code goes here
//no depedency needs. pretty straight-forward


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