Firefox 68: local files now treated as cross-origin; is there a way to override?

Firefox 68 fixes a security problem with local files (, but in so doing breaks testing code locally. Is there a way to override this as can be done with Chrome and Opera (e.g., --allow-file-access-from-files)?

I cannot find anything relevant on the Firefox site, and cannot find a suitable command-line option or anything in about:config.

try {
    main = opener.document;
    catch (e) {

I get the following messages in the console:

DOMException: "Permission denied to access property "document" on cross-origin object"



You can leverage this restriction by going to about:config url and then uncheck privacy.file_unique_origin boolean value.

However be aware that this only reverts to < 68 protection mode, which is to only allow digging in, even with this flag down you won't be able to fetch ../some_other_dir/


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