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When using the "Connect" facebook connect button, when I click it, it opens up a new popup window outside of the current window. This is quite annoying, how am I able to use the inline modal dialog that is found on most sites?

I've attached a sample site to see if you can make anything out of it.


Thank you.



Facebook removed the inline login dialog box for security reasons. However, if a user is logged in to Facebook, but has not yet authorized your app, the pop-up asking them to authorize your app will be inline. Anything that asks for a Facebook password, however, will be displayed in a pop-up so that the user can see the URL of the site that is getting their password. It gives the user some peace of mind.

I tried to figure out why mine changed on me, but it didn't. The inline box gets displayed for logged in users that have never used your site/app before. An FB user that is NOT logged in to Facebook will get the pop-up.


"Previously, the Connect with Facebook dialog appeared in an IFrame "lightbox" within the browser window. After tomorrow's weekly code push, the dialog will pop up in a separate browser window, with an address bar, which matches the user login flow when the user is not logged in to Facebook and tries to connect accounts with your site."



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