Chrome: Will an error in code invoked from the dev console trigger window.onerror?

I'm trying to debug our handling of window.onerror. I've created a function that will throw an error (invoking another function that does not exist). I've tried calling this first function from Chrome's web development console - an error is reported in the console, but our window.error handling function does not seem to be called. (I've verified that window.onerror references our error handling code in the console).

Do errors within functions invoked in the dev console not trigger window.onerror?



They don't (in Chrome where I tested), easy way to test is

window.onerror = function () {console.log('error!');};
throw new Error();
// Error

You can make them do it if you defer them, though

window.setTimeout(function() {throw new Error()}, 0);
// error!
// Uncaught Error


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