How to nest template strings in ES6?

I got an prefer-template error from eslint. For the workaround, I changed my code to use a template string inside the require function which is nested inside the url function as following:

  background: `url(${require(`../../assets/${}.png` center no-repeat`)})

However, that gave an error, obviously. Here is the code I was using before, a plus sign concatenating inside the require function instead of the template string.

  background: `url(${require('../../assets/' + + '.png')}) center no-repeat`

Would it be possible to define nested template strings?



Yes, it's possible, but you had for some reason put the )}) part (that closes the require call, the interpolated value, and the CSS url) in the wrong place:

  background: `url(${require(`../../assets/${}.png`)}) center no-repeat`
//                                                                             ^^^

That said, it's probably a bad idea as it doesn't exactly make the code readable. Better use a variable:

const bgurl = require(`../../assets/${}.png`);
… {
  background: `url(${bgurl}) center no-repeat`


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