How to make a JSONP POST request in angular?

The $http.jsonp method described in the official documentation seems to always perform get requests:$http#methods_jsonp.

I have tried setting the config option to 'POST' but it still sends a GET:

$http.jsonp('/api/new?callback=JSON_CALLBACK', {method: 'POST'});

I have also tried setting a data argument in the hope that angular would switch to a POST:

$http.jsonp('/api/new?callback=JSON_CALLBACK', {data: {stuff: true}});

But it still doesn't :)

As for making a post like this:


It does make a POST obviously but doesn't do the angular magic thingy with the JSON_CALLBACK and produces the following JS error:

No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://xxx.yyy.zzz' is therefore not allowed access.

(The API is not on the same server as the app, that's the point of JSONP).

Google was most unhelpful on this issue and reading through angular's sources is not the easiest task. So how can I make a JSONP POST request with angular?



You cannot make a POST request using JSON-P (with or without Angular)

A JSON-P request works by generating a <script> element with a src attribute. This will always trigger a GET request.

If you want to make a cross-domain POST request with JavaScript then you must use either XMLHttpRequest (and have the server supply suitable access control headers as per the CORS specification) or proxy the request through the server hosting the page.


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