What is a good JavaScript library or jQuery plugin for touch gestures? [closed]

I don´t need a full fledged framework like Sencha or jQuery mobile, just the ability to detect gestures such as swype or pinch to optimize some parts of my site for touch devices.

I have never worked with touch events so I dont really know where to start. Is there a light framework or jQuery plugin for this?



You can check those out: Hammer.js, which you can run standalone or as a jQuery plugin, QuoJS, which is a microlibrary it should work fine alongside jQuery. If you are planning to use jQuery UI then touchpunch should do the job!


TouchSwipe should meet your needs :)


Since you've tagged it jquery, I'll recommend jQTouch.


I've written a jQuery Plugin: TouchIt it converts touch events to mouse events. The blog post includes a link to GitHub.


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