javascript:void(0) or onclick=“return false” for <a> - which is better?

There is a javascript-based interface - so I need not to support work without javascript.

I have an


elements with JS code, which binds on click event - so, I don't want page reload after user's click.

Which way is better?

1. <a href="javascript:void(0)">Something</a>
2. <a href="#" onclick="return false;">Something</a>

What advantages and disadvantages of each method?



Both are poor choices. Presentation shouldn't mix with content. That means no javascript: URIs, and definitely no onclick attributes.

The way to do it:

<a id="myLink">Something</a>
    function myFunction(...) { ... }
    document.getElementById('myLink').addEventListener('click', myFunction, false);

Neither. If your link doesn't go anywhere, don't use an <a> element. Use a <span> or something else appropriate and add CSS to style it as you wish.


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