variable in javascript statement

How does one add a variable string in this javascript statement? where name may correspond to any valid string , say WebkitTransform or Moztransform,etc

document.getElementById('test').style.VARIABLE_NAME  =  'rotate(15deg)';

My code doesn't seem to work when i set the VARIABLE_NAME to WebkitTransform, but it works fine if I use WebkitTransform directly, as in without naming it via a variable. Thanks in advance :)



There are two ways to access members of a Javascript object.

Dot notation, which uses an identifier to access the member:


Bracket notation, which uses a string to access the member:


The latter uses a string to locate the member and you can just as easily use any expression. The value of the expression will be converted to a string so these are equivalent:

obj['[object Object]']

If your expression is already a string it will be used as is, and in your case your variable holds a string so you can just do:

document.getElementById('test').style[VARIABLE_NAME]  =  'rotate(15deg)';

There are 2 ways of accessing values in javascript objects. The first one is by using the dot operator(e.g. object.memberName). The second one is by using the square bracket notation(e.g. object['memberName']).


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