Find elements using part of ID

I have, the div's where id looks like this_div_id_NUMBER, all div's has the different NUMBER part. How I find all div's just using this_div_id part of id ?



you can use querySelectorAll to hit partial attribs, including ID:


the ^ next to the equal sign indicates "starts with", you can use * instead, but it's prone to false-positives.

you also want to make sure to use quotes (or apos) around the comapare value in attrib selectors for maximum compatibility on querySelectorAll; in jQuery and evergreen browsers it doesn't matter, but in vanilla for old browsers it does matter.

EDIT: late breaking requirement needs a more specific selector:


the not() segment prevents anything ending with "_test_field" from matching.

proof of concept / demo:



querySelectorAll takes CSS selectors and returns a HTMLNodeList (a kind of array) of all the elements matching that css selector.

The css selector ^ (starts with) can be used for your purpose. Learn more about it in this article.

For your case, it would be document.querySelectorAll("[id^='this_div_id']");

Note that querySelectorAll doesn't return a live node list. That means, any changes to the dom would not be updated live in the return value of the function.

Another method would to assign all your elements a specific class and then you can use getElementsByClassName (which is much faster than querySelector).

var divs = document.getElementsByClassName("divClass");

Using attribute selectors:



It is better to use classes. But there is one solution that you need (assuming you use jQuery):


Just using attribute selector like below:


Try this selector:


Pure JavaScript: (reference)


jQuery: (reference)


CSS: (reference)

[id^="this_div_id_"] {
    /* do your stuff */

Why is this working?

With the [] in the selector, you can select attributes. Use '=' to match exactly the value or use the '^=' to check if the value starts with. Read more about this here.


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