How to integrate Stripe Connect with Node.js?

So im at the part where you sign in your Stripe account and it redirects you to my website once done.

I dont know what to do next and the documentation is difficult to comprehend because i dont have any expierence in node.js

I just need some guidance in what to do.


  1. After Clicking on 'Authorize' button, at your redirected URI it will give you Authorization code.
  2. After getting Authorization code you should make post request to get details of connected user account.

It will give you json like this

   "token_type": "bearer",
   "stripe_publishable_key": PUBLISHABLE_KEY,
   "scope": "read_write",
   "livemode": false,
   "stripe_user_id": USER_ID,
   "refresh_token": REFRESH_TOKEN,
   "access_token": ACCESS_TOKEN
  1. Now by using USER_ID and ACCESS_TOKEN and REFRESH_TOKEN, you can make charges on connected user account.


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