how can I javascript decodeURI in PHP?

I have a javascript which sends some specific information to a PHP api . Before to send it performs encodeURI . How can I "decode" it in PHP ? I understand that urldecode/urlencode is different that javascript encode/decodeURI so what can I use ?



Unless you've encoded it multiple times (e.g. by explicitly calling the encode method AND inserting the value into a form field which is then submitted) you don't need to do anything - it is transparently converted back to its original form when the request is parsed.


You can use rawurldecode function in php, but this function is not UTF-8, then your have to convert to UTF-8 with utf8_decode like this

echo utf8_decode(rawurldecode('Educa%C3%A7%C3%A3o%20Multim%C3%ADdia'));


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