Where to disable cross-network protection in Opera?

In JS security issue with Opera 11.01, after moving from server A to B I learned that opera has some "cross-network" protection.

I encountered the same js security problem and I found that Opera 11.10 (“Barracuda”) added a preference to disable cross-network protection. My Opera is 11.50 but I can't find the specific preference.

Do I misunderstand the meaning of the "cross-network"?

Thanks a lot.



I believe opera:config#Network|AllowCrossNetworkNavigation is the right preference.


Nowadays Opera is based on chromium, so you shoud use chromium way to disable SOP and process requests without CORS headers:

cd c:\Program Files\Opera\
launcher.exe --disable-web-security --user-data-dir="c:\nocorsbrowserdata"

Of course like in chromium, to make this work you should kill all your instances of opera.exe before starting with --disable-web-security flag. If you want more details how to automate this, see tip on my website


Disabling it entirely has security implications though - see this: Opera won't load some JavaScript files for a safer workaround :)


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