Receiving the same token for different users when using firebase messaging

I use the code below to obtain a token from firebase :

const messaging = firebase.messaging();

  .then(() =>{
    return firebase.messaging().getToken();
  }).then(token => {
     saveTokentoServer(user.uid, token);

the problem is that i receive the same token for different users. I am not able to send out targetted messages.

Does anyone know how I can obtain different token for different users ?

I have spent two days search for answers. Why is my web application not receiving unique token ?



Firebase Cloud Messaging tokens identify an installation of an app in a specific device. They do not identify a specific user. So in your case, if multiple users access your app in the same browser profile, they will get the same token.

I haven't tried this myself, but I think you can delete the token (typically when the user signs out). Then request permission and get the new token for the new user, as usual.


I have an alternate solution to your problem,

You can use topics for receiving notifications,

1.) Subscribe topic for your registration_token, let the topic name unique for every user like user id.<REGISTRATION_TOKEN>/rel/topics/<TOPIC_NAME>


2.) Send Notification to topic
  "to" : "/topics/movies",
  "priority" : "high",
  "notification" : {
    "body" : "This is a Firebase Cloud Messaging Topic Message!",
    "title" : "FCM Message",

3.) Remove registration_id from the topic on logout
   "to": "/topics/movies",
   "registration_tokens": ["nKctODamlM4:CKrh_PC8kIb7O..."],

Replace topic name "movies" with the unique user id or email etc


Another possible solution to the problem is to add a field called userId in your data that you send as a notification. And at client side, only show notification if the userId == or similar in case you are not using FirebaseAuth.


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