What is the equivalent of web.config for JavaScript code?

What is the equivalent of the .NET web.config for JavaScript code?

I'm getting to grips with the use of the configuration details in the web.config file, but I don't know what (or even if) the configuration options are for JavaScript in the page.

The user case I have is how to have a value the JavaScript, in this case a target URL, which can be changed depending upon environment, DEV / TEST / LIVE, without changing the JavaScript code



You could describe a Global JS variable in your master page and use that.

In your web.config have

    <add key="appEnvironment" value="DEV"/>

In your master page you would have something like this (I would recommend this done in the controller but for easiness)

<script type="text/javascript">
    var envType = "@ConfigurationManager.AppSettings=["appEnvironment"]";

Then all you would need to do is just change the web.config. I am presuming you are using MVC


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