Dynamically load JS/CSS per template with Meteor

I understand a couple questions (i.e. this) of this nature have already been posted, however no solid solution has been found. From what it seems, Meteor currently lacks of the ability to dynamically load/render different UI JavaScript (i.e. uilang) or CSS files per template. In my application, I have templates that require specific JS libraries and CSS as oppose to other templates.

For example:

user.html requires -> uilang.js, user_ui_code.js, userstyle.css
admin.html requires -> uilang.js, admin_ui_code.js, admin_style.css

I would need each js/css file to render/load depending on which route gets requested (i.e. example.com/user or example.com/admin), for things like different background-colors, transitions, etc. Meteor documentation states:

Files in /public are served to the client as-is. Use this to store assets such as images. For example, if you have an image located at /public/background.png, you can include it in your HTML with or in your CSS with background-image: url(/background.png). Note that /public is not part of the image URL.

So you would think that putting all your js/css/images assets in public and calling the needed files statically in head would solve the problem. Instead, it seems that the JS (CSS as well) files get concatenated and it all runs at the same time regardless of which route you are on, thus overlapping code. I'm not sure if I am missing something blatantly obvious or is this an actual issue in Meteor?

Thanks for any help.



Meteor doesn't yet support lazy/on demand loading of resources. The feature is on the roadmap as "incremental loading".

In the meantime, have a look at numtel:publicsources and numtel:privatesources, which let you create bundles for lazy loading resources, with or without authentication.


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