Best way to pass a 2d array into JavaScript from PHP?

I have a PHP array I want to use in my JavaScript code. I'd rather not do something like <?PHP $array['array2name'][0]?> for all of the elements in it as it's number is unknown. I was going to do a while loop to write in some of the data into elements but I cannot seem to find an easy way to do this currently.

How do I pass a 2d array from PHP to JavaScript in the easiest way possible?



As a JSON Object using the json_encode function. You can then read this with Javascript easily as it is a native javascript object.


JSON is easily parsable in JQuery, but for pure JavaScript see here:


Lazy method:

var arr = [];

    $phparray = array(array(1, 2, 3), array(4, 5, 6));

    foreach ($phparray as $i) {
        echo 'arr.push([' . implode(', ', $i) . ']);';


This isn't the "best" method, but hey it works.


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