How to add new class and attributes to div if it exists on the page [closed]

I need JavaScript code on my master page which tries to find if a div exists. If so, it should add a new class and also add a new id attribute.

For example if the page has this div:

<div id="Top" class="toplink">abc..</div>

Then JavaScript code should make it exactly like this:

<div id="Top" class="toplink adin" id-adi="114">abc..</div>

The code inside the div should remain the same.



can't you just do:

$('#Top').addClass("toplink adin")

because if it doesn't exist, than it won't add a class.


The atrribute you are trying to set is not valid, use something like data-* as someone said.

    jQuery.fn.exists = function(){return this.length>0;}

    if ($('#Top').exists()) {
        $('#Top').addClass('adin').attr('data-adi', '114');

The id-adi attribute is not a valid HTML attribute, but if you wish to set it anyway do:

if ($("#Top").length) {
    $("#Top").addClass('adin').attr('id-adi', 114);



Thanks all of you following code is working for me

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    if ($('.toplink').length > 0) {
        $('.toplink').addClass('adin').attr('data-aid', '114');

answered by iamruss

As i am new to stackoverflow, i ask almost same question at Add new class and attributes to div if it exists on the page


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