How can I blur a div where contentEditable=true?

How can I blur/focusout a div where contentEditable=true? I have attempted $(elm).blur() and $(elm).attr('contentEditable', false);



$("div[contentEditable]").blur() to blur all contentEditable elements.

$("#elementId").blur() to blur an element by its id.


I would add another solution that is based on Omnicon's answer which is correct BTW. I have forked his fiddle and updated it.

The trick is to remove all ranges after calling blur:


The suggested solution by Roman Resh doesn't work when you click into the element and hit enter immediately after. It won't blur but create line-breaks/divs.

It is possible to prevent this behaviour entirely.

See this fiddle

$('<div class="temp-contenteditable-el" contenteditable="true"></div>') .appendTo('body').focus().remove();


Appending to all answers, when using something like


think about blurring only focused, like


If not you can get into nice probs sometimes


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