Hide ExtJS Panel Title

I have a ExtJS panel inside a viewport center region. I want to hide the title of the panel. How can I do it? I'm using xtype config for declaring the panel.



Use either the header or headerAsText config option of panel to hide its title. From ExtJS API documentation:

header : Boolean

true to create the Panel's header element explicitly, false to skip creating it. If a title is set the header will be created automatically, otherwise it will not. If a title is set but header is explicitly set to false, the header will not be rendered.


headerAsText : Boolean

true to display the panel title in the header, false to hide it (defaults to true).


Use preventHeader property. I checked it and it's worked

See example below

Ext.widget('panel', {
        title: 'Panel header will not be shown',
        preventHeader: true,
        width: 300


You can just use the config

    // title: 'Test',   to neglet this
    tools: [{
        type: 'refresh'
    }, {
        type: 'help'

"header:false config documentation"


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