Comment javascript methods in Visual Studio

Is there a way to insert a snippet for XML comments in javascript in Visual Studio 2010 with automatically generated parameters?

If I type /// here...

function foo(a, b){ should change to this (depending on the parameters):

function foo(a, b){
    /// <summary>$cursorhere</summary>
    /// <param name="a" type="string">Param a</param>
    /// <param name="b" type="string">Param b</param>
    /// <returns type="function">Return function</returns>

So it would be similar to the snippet generation if I'm in C# code.


To clarify, I just want to know if there is a shortcut or existing plugin to achieve the functionality mentioned above approximately.



You can make a code snippet, but that seems too much trouble to me. I use JScript vsdoc Stub Generator, it generates XML comments like these ones:

enter image description here

This extension's goal is to provide a simple way to add vsdocs to JavaScript that acts similar to other XML comments provided by Visual Studio. A comment stub is created when a triple-slash ("///") is added on a new line.


I think you're looking for JS intellisense comments and references, described here:

Basically it's very similar to what you expected.

UPDATE: sorry, didn't read your question properly. Snippets are trivial to make for yourself, it's not even a plugin really, just an xml file you add to your file system. You can use the snippet editor: to make it even easier.


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