Add a Date Picker to a textbox using Greasemonkey

There is a textbox that requires a date but has no date picker. I would like to add one with Greasemonkey. I looked for an example but could not find one.

Is this possible? Is there an example for doing this? It doesn't need to be fancy.



I like to use jQuery UI's datepicker() because I usually have jQuery UI loaded anyway, and it's fairly well-known/supported.

Unfortunately, the datepicker functionality uses some criminally-bad event code, which requires a little fudging to work in a sandboxed environment.

Still, its not too difficult. Here is a complete Greasemonkey script:

// ==UserScript==
// @name        _Datepicker fun
// @include     http://YOUR_SERVER/YOUR_PATH/*
// @include*
// @require
// @require
// @resource    jqUI_CSS
// ==/UserScript==

//--- Date picker needs additional CSS
GM_addStyle (GM_getResourceText ("jqUI_CSS") );

//--- Add datepicker popups to select inputs:
$("#pickMe").datepicker ();
$("#pickMe").click ( function () {
    setTimeout (cleanUpCrappyEventHandling, 100);
} );

/*--- Clean up ultra-crappy event handling ('til dev team eventually fixes).
    This must be done to allow the picker to work in a sandboxed environment.
    Alternately, you can modify the jQuery-UI source ala
function cleanUpCrappyEventHandling () {
    var nodesWithBadEvents  = $(
        "div.ui-datepicker td[onclick^='DP'], div.ui-datepicker a[onclick^='DP']"
    nodesWithBadEvents.each ( function () {
        var jThis       = $(this);
        var fubarFunc   = jThis.attr ("onclick");

        /*--- fubarFunc will typically be like:
            DP_jQuery_1325718069430.datepicker._selectDay('#pickMe',0,2012, this);return false;
        fubarFunc       = fubarFunc.replace (/return\s+\w+;/i, "");

        jThis.removeAttr ("onclick"); ( function () {
            eval (fubarFunc);
            cleanUpCrappyEventHandling ();
        } );
    } );

You can load this and test it against this page at jsBin.


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