Calling java server side method using jquery

I need to call java class method inside jquery , how do i do that ?

For more understanding Ex:

Class Foo{
      public static void letsCall(){
          // Do something here ...

I want to call this letsCall() Method from jquery.



1 approach:-

in jquery api, to call any backend system , in your case java, you need to do ajax call to invoke your java controller or service.

jquery ajax post call (call your java controller here)

2nd approach:-

if you need java class to take part in your jsp formation , you can go for custom tags, in your case you can look for jsf framework which basically bind your user events to your controller.

other frameworks - springmvc bind your jsp attributes to its corresponding models, in this case no need to use jquery , you can achieve it through spring custom tags.

spring mvc example

spring custom tags example

spring custom tag example


Calling a backend Java method from JavaScript/jQuery in JSP

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There are maybe a half dozen more similarly worded questions, please google first!


Check out DWR. We use it a lot to do this kind of thing and it works well. It wraps all the ajax stuff so you don't have to worry about it.


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