How can i call a function that is in another controler (Angular js) [duplicate]

in ControllerOne

$scope.displayReport = function( status ){

   statusCkeck( status ) ;

statusCkeck() ; is in another controller -controllerTwo

How can i call this function from one controller to another

i tried angular.element(document.getElementById('controllerTwo')).scope().statusCheck();

But it throwing error.

Please suggest



You should use a service instead to avoid muddying up the controllers with code that calls functions in other controllers. If you're sharing functions, just define them in a service and inject that service where needed.

angular.module('myApp', [])
  .factory('myService', function() {
    return {
      sharedFunction: function (foo, bar) {
        return foo + bar;

You can get scope:


But yourControllerElementID should be ElementID not ControlerName!

For example:

<div id="elemID" ng-controller="YourController"></div>

So elemId is id of element with YourController.


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