Get element by Id from another page

I need to change content of page1 if page2 contain specified element. This code works great if I get id from the same page

if (document.getElementById("page_element")) {
    var str = document.getElementById("destination").innerHTML;
    var n = str.replace("Login", "Logout");
    document.getElementById("destination").innerHTML = n;

But I need to check if element is present on page2 in order to change content of page1.

I must change this

  if (document.getElementById("page1_element"))

with correct path which is page2 (logged.html in my case). How can I do that ?



Think this will work...

var iframe = document.getElementById("iframeId"),
    doc = getFrameDocument(iframe);

doc.getElementById("page2_element_id"); // [DOM Element]

function getFrameDocument(iframe){
    return iframe.contentDocument ? iframe.contentDocument : iframe.contentWindow.document;

return cond ? a : b means:

if ( cond ) {
    return a;
else {
    return b;

Think of it this way. JavaScript runs in the browser, say, Chrome. Chrome can see the page that is currently loaded, but has no knowledge of the html files that are still on the server, until they are brought into the browser. What you could do is have an iFrame containing logged.html that isn't visible (maybe 1x1 pixels, or a fixed position with a position off the page (left: 4000px). Then you can refer to the iFrame and get the element from there, this one explains how to reference an element in an iFrame: getElementById from iframe


I think this might help you... Don't be too hard on me. This is my first post :p

var element_change_content_page1 = "element_id_page1";
var page2_datatype = "html";
var filename_page2 = "logged.html";
var target_element_id_page2 = "element_id_page2";
var target_element_type_page2 = "div"

$.get( filename_page2 , function(response, status){
//You can also use jQuery " $.post() " Method instead of " $.get() "
var data = $('<div>' + response + '</div>');
var target_element = data.find( target_element_type_page2 + '#'+ target_element_id_page2 )[0]; //There "might" be more div elements with the same id: specify index
if(typeof target_element !== 'undefined'){
    //Page2 contains specified element
    var container = document.getElementById( element_change_content_page1 );
    container.innerHTML = "Content is changed!!!";
} else {
    //Page2 DOES NOT contain specified element
}, page2_datatype);


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