Creating a Javascript Api Interface

I'm currently working on a solution in php which queries an sql database. However, i want other website to be able to query the database (or the functions in php). I search google, but i can't find out how to expose these functions to javascript due to crossdomain policies(i think).

Anyone know how I can do that?



Try soap or rest.

If I understood right... if you want other sites to access your Database... Obviously...use jQuery :p to make the calls


If Cross-Domain is your only concern, check out JSONP. You can also check the tag to learn more.


Sounds to me like you're inadvertently writing a web API. REST is hot these days, for good reason (they play well with javascript clients, for one).

Here is a thread that should give you lots to chew on.


you could build a rpc server (remote-procedure-call). It could be either xml-rpc or json-rpc.
Here are some good documentations


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